Winter Camp is a great time to be at Camp Preston Hunt in Texarkana, Arkansas! Our staff is focused on providing the best possible program, including many merit badges that are not normally offered at summer camp. Scouts can earn up to five merit badges in just three days! We have over thirty merit badge and certification courses to choose from. Our instructor and program staff is completely made up of volunteers! For our classes, you will have experts from various subject areas to teach you.

Winter Camp is located at Camp Preston Hunt in Texarkana, Arkansas. Our camp is over 250 acres, scouts have the opportunity to get back to nature and enjoy the outdoors. Camp Preston Hunt has eleven primitive campsites as well as cabins. Our camp features a large climate-controlled dining hall, lake, and heated indoor shower facilities. Our staff prepares a warm meal in the dining hall.

Camp Preston Hunt is used year round for district camporees and Webelos encampments. Contact the Caddo Area Council Scout Office if you are interested in reserving camp for your next Troop Camp-out!

Here is the address for Camp Preston Hunt:
Camp Preston Hunt
6918 Tennessee
Texarkana, Arkansas 71854

For more information regarding Winter Camp:
Please call the Caddo Area Council Scout Office at 903-793-2179


Each of our cabins have approx 16 beds. Each has either a wood stove or an electric heating unit. Some troops like to set up an area outside their cabin for their troop to conduct a campfire or the like. If your Troop is not big enough to fill a cabin, another Troop will be camping with you. 

Adults can stay in the cabin with youth provided there is a minimum of two adults and four youths. A minimum of one of the adults is required to be Youth Protection–trained. Adults must establish separation barriers or privacy zones such as a temporary blanket or a sheet wall in order to keep their sleeping area and dressing area separated from the youth area. If you do not have enough leaders or youth to meet the YPT guidelines, we can pair you up with another unit.

Primitive Camping

Camp Preston Hunt has eleven primitive campsites that are perfect for enduring the winter weather. There is a discount per youth that stay in the primitive camping area. 

Female Campers

Two accommodation choices are provided for female leaders: Adult Female Cabin or Primitive Camping. Per youth protection guidelines, we can not permit adult females to stay in the cabins with youth males. Please ensure that you provide an accurate number of adult female leaders that wish to stay indoors on your reservation form. If you have any questions, please contact the Camp Director.

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